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the Former prime minister of Nepal is released from - under house arrest

the Former prime minister - the minister of Nepal Sher Bahadur Deuba is released from - under house arrest on Friday. 2 from - under house arrest eighteen political prisoners, among which - leaders of political parties of the country are released.

ABT it Assoshiejted the Press reports.

According to a source, all of them have been arrested after the king of Nepal Gjanendra has entered state of emergency in the country and has sent in resignation the country government led by Deuboj on February, 1st this year. Gjanendra has proved the actions by that parties of Nepal could not stifle operating in the country maoistskoe insurgent movement.

Since 1996 when maoisty have lifted revolt for the purpose of overthrow of constitutional monarchy and an establishment of communistic board, in Nepal have been killed more than 11 thousand persons.