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Shabalkin: special services of the unfriendly states trained terrorists

the Representative of a regional emergency response centre on management of a counterterrorism operation in the North Caucasus (ROSH) the general - major Ilya Shabalkin does not exclude that methods of conspiracy of leaders of bands in the Chechen Republic were trained by representatives " special services unfriendly Russia of the states ".

" I do not exclude that a certain experience, methods of conspiracy (to leaders of bands) experts of special services unfriendly have passed them Russia of the states " - Shabalkin has told, answering a question of journalists on Y long it was not possible to find Maskhadov, and till now there is on freedom Basayev.

Shabalkin has reminded that the Chechen Republic " long enough time existed in the form of a gangster enclave " and " who here only was not ".

SPK about special action during which time Maskhadov has been destroyed, representative ROSH has specified that it was spent by employees of the CTR of a special purpose of FSB. " special action was spent in classical vante: a minimum of a use of weapons, noise in an initial stage " - it has explained.

According to Shabalkina, special troops actions were accompanied by masking elements, " ahead of time not to call certain trouble the gangsters disappearing in this settlement ".

Representative ROSH has noticed that in the bunker in which there was Maskhadov, it was possible to be long enough time.

Shabalkin has responded To a question Y it was not possible to take Maskhadov live that " the input in the bunker has been disguised, and by explosion it was necessary to do a gap ". As he said, as a result of hypodynamic blow also there could come death of the leader of insurgents.

Shabalkin has specified that during special action three persons who were together with Maskhadov have been detained. " they was at Maskhadov and the problem on maintenance carried out, carried out a role svjaznikov " - representative ROSH has told. 2 the master of the house in whom the bunker settled down has been detained.

Shabalkin has denied hearings that Maskhadov has been ostensibly destroyed in other place. " what for in the present state of affairs to make a fuss - it is not clear " - he has noticed.