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the PA John Pavel II has independently served a mass

the PA John Pavel II has independently served a mass in the personal chapel in clinic " Dzhemelli ".

As has informed on Friday national television, the pontifex has served a mass together with delegation of conference of diocesans of Tanzania in the personal chapel, its close chamber on the eleventh floor of the Roman clinic " Dzhemelli ".

the PA ministered a mass independently, sitting in an armchair put in an altar.

the Delegation of the African diocesans has been accepted by the PA within the limits of traditional MTGs with representatives of the higher klera the various countries which time in five years usually occur.

Since February, 24th John Pavel II is in clinic where to it operation traheotomii has been spent. It already the second hospitalisation this year.

on March, 10th it has been officially declared that 2 the Holy Week beginning - by March, 20th on a roman catholic calendar - the PA will already come back to Vatican.

Informally representatives of clinic SPK about possibility of an extract of John Pavel II next Monday.