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the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: Georgia is obliged to accept a Turk - meshetintsev

Georgia scorns the obligations in the relation a Turk - meshetintsev, consider in department of the information and the press the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

" the disregard Georgia the obligations and norms of international law turns around unjustified complications 4 several thousand people, fairly aspiring to return on the historical native land " - the Turk - meshetintsev is SPK in the comment on appeared in mass-media mately on a problem.

In some Russian mass-media the subject a Turk - meshetintsev again began to be discussed, temporarily appeared in territory of Krasnodar territory and counting to come back to the historical native land - Georgia, whence they have been deported to the Central Asia in 1944.

" Unfortunately, ignorance of historic facts frequently conducts and 2 incorrect understanding of available problems in this question " - it is SPK in the document.

" As it is known, at the introduction into the Council of Europe in 1999 Georgia has incurred is international - the legal obligation to accept them (a Turk - meshetintsev) on the territory. However in Tbilisi even do not try to show that there are seriously adjusted to solve this point in question " - it is underlined in the comment.

Reminders on it from the Council of Europe resemble friendly pangs, rather than on efforts to motivate Georgia 2 performance of the obligations, not to mention provided in such cases in SE sanctions more, it is marked in the comment. " in Tbilisi six years fruitless conversations round acceptance of the frame law ABT repattsii in which principles and time frameworks of returning a Turk - meshetintsev would be fixed are had, but business from a place does not move " - mark in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.