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Senators demand to establish a forbidden zone 4 flights in Sudan

Eight American senators have brought in the upper chamber of the congress the resolution W the requirement 2 US president George Bush to be converted 2 the countries of the NATO 4 creation into provinces Darfur in Sudan a forbidden zone 4 the flights, patrolled by planes of the North Atlantic block.

As have informed " News " in senatorial committee on foreign affairs where the document has already arrived, as the initiator of the resolution the member of the administrative board of this committee the senator - democrat Joseph Bajden who was supported by senators Edward Kennedy, Christopher Dodd and Barbara Bokser has acted.

In the TXT of the resolution on behalf of the senate the appeal 2 the US president " is expressed; To give immediate instructions to the constant representative of the USA in the NATO to act on North Atlantic advice W the offer 2 the NATO to state an estimation and to report on member countries on potential efficiency, and also requirements 4 introduction in a province Darfur in Sudan a forbidden zone 4 the flights, carried out by forces of the NATO ".

Thus in the resolution the requirement 2 the government of Sudan " contains 2; immediately to deduce all military planes from this region ".

In the statement made in connection with entering of the resolution, senator Bajden has informed on the consent W the estimations which have appeared in the USA that 4 introduction of such prohibited zone in Darfur there will be enough one squadron in structure from 12 B4 18 fighters and four planes " AVAKS ".

At this Bajden has expressed confidence that the NATO will CFM with the ability to supervise such zone " from territory of Chad " also that " Make it already now France " can; forces of the Air Forces.