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In Kirghizia the second tour of parliamentary elections

On Sunday in Kirghizia will take place will pass the second tour of elections in Zhogorku Kenesh - country parliament.

Following the results of the first tour which has taken place on February, 27th, it was possible to define the winner who has typed over 50 % of voices, in 31 district of republic. In 42 election districts on a home straight left on two candidates who have got the maximum number of votes.

In Tonsky election district Issyk - Kulsky area of republic on Sunday the first tour of voting as from - for protest actions of supporters of the candidates removed from pre-election race to take voting in time there will be organised only it was not possible. Only two candidates, therefore the winner apply For the parliamentary mandate from this district will be defined at once.

in one district - Kochkorsky - in the first tour against all candidates 62 % of voters have voted, therefore elections there are recognised by void. Term of new elections in this district is not defined yet.

In the first tour 388 candidates applied for 75 places in parliament, among which almost all deputies of the previous convocation, and also a great number of the government officials, known businessmen in republic, public figures and leaders of political parties.

In Kirghizia all measures are taken for maintenance of the maximum transparency and reliability of elective process. All sites are equipped by open polling booths and transparent urns 4 bulletins.

2 monitoring of process of voting and counting of votes in the second tour observers, including international are admitted on two representatives from ANY1 candidate, and also. At once upon termination of calculation the copy of the selective report W results of elections on the given site will be handed over all of them. It will allow candidates to conduct the alternative analysis of voting. It is resolved a photo - and a video shooting on sites during voting and counting of votes.

Monitoring of the second tour in will spend much less the international observers, than on February, 27th. From OSCE employees of some the international organisations and embassies will observe of elections of 60 observers, and also.

the Course and results of voting will be broadcast on the air national teleradiokorporatsii and on the Internet in a real time mode.

It is planned that the first preliminary results of elections will start to arrive on a site of the State automated system " SHajloo " already by midnight Sundays on March, 13th, in four hours after closing of polling districts.

According to the legislation of republic parliamentary elections will be recognised by valid at a NE appearance of voters, except for a situation, when voices " against all " it will appear more than submitted for candidates.

Zhogorku Kenesh of new convocation will be unicameral, into it will enter only 75 deputies selected exclusively on one-mandatory territolnym to districts for a period of five years. The present parliament of republic consisted of Legislative Assembly and Meeting of national representatives where entered 105 deputies selected on territolnomu to a sign and party lists.

According to the constitution W election of new structure of parliament Kirghizia passes from a presidential government 2 prezidentsko - parliamentary. Again selected Kirghiz parliament will confirm purpose of premieres - the minister and members of the government, to select and dismiss the chairman and judges of the Constitutional and Sovereign courts of republic, judges of local courts, the General public prosecutor, the chairman of National bank, the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, the chairman of Audit Chamber and the Ombudsman (the representative under human rights).