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Mofaz: term of evacuation of the Jewish settlements is cut by half

the Minister of Defence of Israel by Shaul Mofaz has disposed to cut by half term of evacuation of the Jewish settlements from Gaza Strip and from a part of the West Bank of Jordan.

As has informed 1 - j the channel of the Israeli television, the head of military department has made this decision after consultations of command of police, army and special services.

According to the new plan, export of settlers from 25 settlements in Gaza and on the Western coast will be spent within four weeks. It was originally planned to carry out operation for 12 weeks.

According to Mofaza, the long period of evacuation will give to opponents of this plan too much time 4 creation of hindrances of its realisation and will allow to mobilise the supporters 4 resistance to the authorities. The Minister of Defence considers that eviction of inhabitants of settlements should pass " organizovanno, it is QIK and continuous ". Operation will stop only on sabbatical days not to defile sacred 4 Jews day of rest.

In interview 10 - mu to the channel of local television the chief of the Joint Staff of Israeli army Moshe Jaalon has let know that the authorities will take preventive measures against extremist settlers. As he said, shortly before the beginning of evacuation planned for July, 20th, the most aggressive active workers of the right movements will be isolated. " some of them will not be supposed close 2 evacuation zones and which - who, if necessary, will be subjected to arrest " - has declared Jaalon.