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Examination fired by US military men in Iraq cars is late

Carrying out in Rome ballistic examination of a motor vehicle of the Italian scouts fired by the American military men, is postponed for uncertain time, has reported ADZHI.

the American command, according to agency, has made decision to detain sending from Iraq to Italy the fired car on which in the airport of Bagdad carried released Italian journalist Dzhulianu Sgrenu.

the Decision is given reason by necessity of pilot survey of a vehicle joint American - the Italian commission created in Iraq. The Roman Office of Public Prosecutor hoped to RCV and investigate the car this week.

the Agency informs 2 on detection of three mobile phones from which the head of Italian military investigation SISMI in Iraq Nikola Kalipari which were lost at bombardment, reported on the Italian government on operation end on clearing of the journalist.

From the same TEL he kept in contact with special services of other countries, first of all, W American, informing them on motor vehicle movement in a direction 2 the airport.

Numbers on which Kalipari called, will be CKed and studied by inspectors of the Roman Office of Public Prosecutor. While these numbers are declared by the state secret.

Kalipari not only has released Sgrenu from the Iraq captivity, but also has rescued from the American bullets, having closed it itself at car bombardment.

the Italian scout is posthumously awarded by the president of Italy a gold medal " For courage " and the municipality of Rome has made decision to name his name one of the central Roman squares.