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In 2008 on geological prospecting it will be allocated 20 mlrd budgetary roubles

In Russia in 2008 for financing of geological prospecting from the budget it will be allocated 20 billion roubles, the head of Federal agency on nedropolzovaniju (Rosnedra) Anatoly Ledovsky has informed journalists in Petersburg on Wednesday.

" We have already officially issued the document through the Ministry of Finance where this year on geological prospecting will be 10,3 billion roubles, in 2006 - an order of 16 billion and in 2008 - 20 billion. We consider that 20 billion roubles at the expense of the state is a Gud, sufficient sum " - has told Ledovsky which takes part in WRK of the International Petersburg economic forum.

As he said, the state should finance basically the first researches - so-called regional WRK, other searches should be conducted for the bill nedropolzovatelej.

" Our problem in the new law to make so that to save expenses nedropolzovatelja, to give guarantees that the money enclosed by them, guarantees that they W/ O auction, W/ O competition will RCV deposits which them are opened " - has noted Ledovsky.

Similar guarantees 4 nedropolzovatelej will allow to reach annual financing of geological prospecting in volume more than 120 billion roubles, that is to exceed level of financing of 1991, head Rosnedr has underlined.

last year the volume of private investments into geological prospecting has made 43 billion roubles, in 2005 it will reach 63 billion, has informed Ledovsky.