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Spain will be converted 2 EU behind the financial help in connection with a strong drought

the Government of Spain will be converted 2 the European Union W the request to recognise a present drought in the country as spontaneous natural affliction and on this basis to render to the country the financial help.

On it have informed on a press - conferences heads of the Ministry of Agriculture Spain which has noticed that the agrarian sector of the country has already sustained losses from a drought for the sum above one billion euro.

Meanwhile as marks National institute of Spain, the drought which has begun in March can be tightened for some years as such phenomena on Iberian peninsula always have cyclic character.

the Eurocommission has informed Madrid in the answer that under certain conditions such help can be given, if the damage from affliction exceeds 3,1 billion euro. However these means can be used mainly on realisation of technical WRK (building of artesian chinks, water-desalinating installations and etc.). Besides ANY1 agrarian manufacturer who has suffered from a drought can RCV on three thousand euro a year within three years.

On Tuesday in the performance in the senate the minister of environment of Spain Christina Narbona earlier giving optimistic forecasts concerning a drought, recognised that a situation in the country " serious ". Before the minister asserted that the authorities considered in advance possibility of a drought and have accepted a number of measures which guarantee a minimum of necessary water in droughty areas, first of all in cities. Now tone of performances of Narbony has changed. It has specified that in many autonomous regions shortage of water that is why the authorities are urged to regulate its consumption is already felt.