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In Russia the uniform cadastre of objects of real estate

In Russia the next years will be created the uniform cadastre of objects of real estate will be created.

" In time prospect the next years the uniform cadastre of objects of real estate " will be created; - a deputy head of Federal agency of a cadastre of objects of real estate Alexey Overchuk on the radio station air " has declared on Wednesday; the Beacon ".

As he said, for this purpose it is necessary to pass the law on a cadastre which now is in Ministry of economic development and trade. Overchuk has informed that this summer the bill will be brought in the State Duma.

He 2 has told, in the near future in a ground cadastre cadastral cost of the ground area will be exposed.

" Cadastral cost is defined according to approaches which have been defined by the government 4 various categories of the earths " - has underlined Overchuk.

" In particular, 4 the earths of settlements the comparative approach, 4 agricultural grounds - the profitable approach is used, that is the profitable potential of these earths " is estimated; - it has explained.

Overchuk 2 has noticed that the cadastral estimation will be spent as single action. He has specified that the question on that the cadastral estimation was spent not less often, than time in three years and not more often, than time in five years is now considered.

Overchuk has told that country sites and " garden small houses are a private property which should be CFMed corresponding certificates ".

As to the earth repayment, that, it has reminded, these questions are regulated by the Ground code. " the Earth will be given once free of charge if it gets in lifelong using " - Overchuk has told.