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Sikhsky extremists prepared murders of the Indian politicians

Sikhsky extremists prepared a series of acts of terrorism and murders of visible Indian politicians. Such indications as inform on Wednesday the Indian mass-media, the head of the extremist organisation " has given on a consequence; Babbar Halsa " Dzhagtar Singh Havara.

He has been arrested on June, 8th in Nju - Delhi on suspicion in the organisation of a series of acts of terrorism in capital on May, 22nd. Then as a result of explosions at two capital cinemas one person was lost, from above 60 have got wounds. At the blown up cinemas the new film " was shown; Joe Bole So Nihal " which premier displays were accompanied by sharp protests sikhskih the religious organisations which have counted a tape offensive 4 religious feelings sikhov.

Dzhagtar Singh Havara has informed a consequence that in plans " Babbar Halsy " there were murders of visible Indian politicians, in particular, the minister of affairs of foreign Indians of Dzhagdisha Tajtlera.

Tajtler, and also some more leaders of the Indian national congress - Sadzhdzhan Kumar, Adzhaj Maken and R.K.Anand, are constantly suspected sikhskimi " right " in participation in bloody events of autumn of 1984 in Nju - Delhi. On October, 31st, 1984 the former prime minister - the minister of India Indira Gandi was lost from bullets of two bodyguards - sikhov. After that on Nju - Delhi, to Chandigarh, and also a number of other cities of Punjab the wave sikhskih the pogroms hundreds people became which victims has swept. The suspicion in participation in the organisation of pogroms in Delhi has fallen on the Congress management, including on Dzhagdisha Tajtlera.

Besides, as the commissioner of police of Nju - Delhi K.Paul, " has informed; Babbar Halsa " intended " to pay off old scores " W 2. P.S.Gillom, one of the most authoritative now in India experts concerning antiterrorist struggle. The retired general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs nowadays heading Institute of disputed management in Nju - Delhi, 2. P.S.Gill in second half 80 - h - the beginning 90 - h was years the general commissioner of police of Punjab and supervised over antiterrorist operations in this staff. However since then it constantly is exposed to charges in abusings, infringements of human rights and unfairly cruel actions concerning civilians of Punjab.

Dzhagtar Singh Havara was already arrested on suspicion in the murder organisation in 1995 of the main minister of Punjab Beanta Singh. However on January, 21st, 2004 he ran from prison in Chandigarh and, according to some information, disappeared in the native city of Patiala until has been arrested in the beginning of this MTH on suspicion in the organisation of explosions in capital.

" Babbar Halsa " - the oldest and in the past the most organised sikhskaja armed group. For the first time she has declared herself in 1978 during time amritsarskih collisions W sikhami sects nirankari. Insurgents " Babbar Halsy " have made on April, 24th, 1980 murder of the leader nirankari Gurbachana Singh whom pogroms and regular murders nirankari across all Punjab have followed. Now " Babbar Halsa " exists mainly in emigration - the USA, Canada, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Pakistan.