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Rescuers: as a result of road accident in Tuva 39 persons

According to the specified data of the Siberian rescuers have suffered, as a result of failure of the passenger bus in Tuva traumas of various severity level have RCVed 39 persons from 42 - h, were in salon. ABT it " News " the operative person on duty of the Siberian regional CTR of the Ministry of Emergency Measures has informed.

According to a source, on Wednesday approximately in 17. 00 local time (13. 00 Moscow time), on the M highway - 54 " Yenisei " the settlement Sush on not established while to the reasons had an overturning sideways the passenger bus making a scheduled flight from the city of Abakan (Khakassia) B4 the city of Kyzyl (Tuva).

road accident has occurred approximately in 70 kilometres B4 district - settlement Turan, - in which hospital now and there are seven victims. Other passengers are delivered to Kyzyl where some of them were converted behind medical aid.

Employees of car inspection and other experts on a scene find out causes of accident.