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Thatcher has urged conservatives to return for sources of party ideology

Eks - the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain, baroness Margaret Thatcher has urged the British conservatives to return for sources of party ideology and to adhere to it.

As passes Bi - bi - si, the reference has been read under the request Thatcher on the reception devoted 30 - summer anniversary of its ward 2 a management of Conservative party. Thatcher by which 80 years on October, 13th will be executed, held fast of the leader " tori " W 1975 on 1990 - j years, and W 1979 on 1990 - j years it 2 was the prime minister - the minister of the United Kingdom.

Now doctors have forbidden it to act on public actions. However it is held in respect till now in the ranks of conservatives. Last weeks it expressed concern in proceeding crisis of leadership in party. Its reference has been addressed members of Conservative party on the threshold of elections of the new leader " tori ".

the Present leader of conservatives Michael Hovard has declared intention to retire in this autumn, after annual party congress in Blackpool.

On Wednesday party members should solve, will pass how elections of the new leader that then to spend them.

2 the present MOM it is offered eight various vantov the mechanism of election of the leader which becomes already the fifth head of conservatives for last eight years.

some members apply For fast of the leader of Conservative party " the Shadow Cabinet ": shadow Minister of Internal Affairs David Devis, shadow Minister of Education David Cameron, the shadow minister of work and pensions of Malkolm Rifkind and shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs Liam Fox.