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Saakashvili the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili suggests the authorities of South Ossetia to begin negotiations

does not intend to be reconciled W existence of criminal enclaves, and suggests the authorities of South Ossetia to sit down for a negotiating table on peaceful settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict.

" absolutely clearly that W approach of summer criminal groupings in Tshinvalsky region made active the actions. They already have made some grave crimes is an attack on the Georgian post and here now abduction of our compatriots " - Saakashvili B4 the beginning of session of Advice of national security of Georgia has told.

According to the head of the state, the Georgian party owns documentary CFMed information on those people which have made abduction the Georgian in a city of Tskhinvali.

" We will necessarily find these people and we will force to respond under the law " - the president has told.

He has underlined that any stable and democratic state will not reconcile to existence of criminal enclaves in the territory.

" At the same time, ill-wishers of Georgia very much want to arrange provocation. We should not admit, ESP at this stage, our involving in large-scale confronting " - the president has told.

Saakashvili has declared again readiness of Georgia to begin dialogue on peaceful settlement Georgian - the Osset conflict.

" All parties should understand necessity of the immediate beginning of negotiations on the offers voiced by us on the large-scale plan of peaceful settlement. Peace talks are necessary to us and behind it we intend to be converted 2 OSCE. In July in Batumi conference on questions of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Tshinvalsky region " is planned; - Saakashvili has told.

the President of Georgia has CFMed with readiness for open dialogue. " But Georgia will not suffer continuation of a criminal lawlessness, and I as the president, it I will not admit. A choice now behind local authorities. We want to find a way out of the created adverse situation " - the president of Georgia has told.

Advice of national security of Georgia under the chairmanship of Saakashvili discusses one question - a situation in Tshinvalsky region and the fact of abduction four Georgian in a city of Tskhinvali on June, 6th.

On termination of Saakashvili`s session will take off W three-day official visit to Kiev.