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the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has closed business in Valery Kravchenko`s relation

Central administrative board of military Offices of Public Prosecutor of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine has closed criminal case concerning the former first deputy of the chief of Central administrative board of investigation SBU, the general - major Valery Kravchenko whom accused of disclosure of the confidential state information.

As reports " News - Ukraine " on this Kravchenko has informed on Wednesday on a press - conferences. According to the general, criminal case is closed in connection with absence in its actions of structure of a crime.

Kravchenko 2 has informed that expects the restoration in SBU as under its data, under the order of management SBU the order on its dismissal from the service, signed the former chief of Security service Igor Smeshko has been excellent on June, 4th, 2004.

Kravchenko in February, 2004 has published in Berlin on air " the German wave " The information on that throughout performance of duty as the officer of security of embassy it RCVed orders to watch representatives of opposition and high official officials abroad.

In turn, SBU has withdrawn Kravchenko back, however that is more than half a year took cover in Germany and when has decided to return, him have detained at crossing Ukrainian - the Polish border.