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Kudrin: the Russian Federation can start to repay debts to the Parisian club in June

the Head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin counts that the first tranche of preschedule payment of the Russian debt to the Parisian club will be extinguished in June. Russia has agreed about preschedule repayment to creditors of the Parisian club of $15 billion - almost thirds of all debt.

" nademsja that in June the first tranche will be paid " - Kudrin to journalists has told.

It has reminded that repayment will pass two tranches. The first is planned for the June, the second - for August.

According to the minister, it is now co-ordinated " breakdown on all countries ". Projects of documents are already co-ordinated W sekretatom the Parisian club, the head of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation has told.

the Minister has informed that the project of the exchange letter now prepares.

As he said when the answer in the corresponding form, it " will be RCVed; Will be the definitive practical agreement on the sum of preschedule repayment ".

" All goes 2 that it was in June " - Kudrin has underlined.