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98 from 100 HIV - the infected women can give birth to the healthy child

According to the experts, in 98 cases from hundred HIV - the infected woman can give birth to the healthy child.

At observance of all recommendations of doctors ABT reception of corresponding preparations, the chance to give birth to the healthy child of a HIV - the infected woman makes 98 of 100, the director for development and external relations of regional public organisation " has told; Community of people living from a HIV/ by AIDS " Michael Rukavishnikov on Thursday in frameworks online - the conference passing in News.

the Expert has told 2 about possible ways of infection of a HIV - an infection.

" Excepting infection through a needle and a sexual way, it is possible to catch at the time of delivery, at feeding by a chest and at operative interventions in medical institutions " - Rukavishnikov has told.

" At hand shake, WRK at one office, using one ware, a kiss virus transfer is impossible " - he has underlined.

Experts consider that mass-media should give more ATTN to preventive maintenance of AIDS among the population.

" At present, when there is no vaccine, and therapy does not cure completely, the information is one of the effective remedies of preventive maintenance " - the head the program of support of initiatives in state policy sphere at the Moscow office TPPS (Transatlantic partners against AIDS) Sergey Votjagov has told.

It has reminded that according to the federal law on a HIV/ AIDS, the population should be informed on possible ways of transfer of a HIV - an infection and ways of protection.

" Together with the noncommercial organisations and the state structures a number of information campaigns in mass-media, but, unfortunately, possibility to place social advertising is spent give, basically, private channels. Unfortunately, the basic state TV channels do not participate yet in this process " - he has added.