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On a national sign if on Introduction it is cold there will be a rich crop

In Moscow and Moscow Region on Sunday, on December, 4th, the maximum temperature of air will make a minus of 2 degrees, minimum the minus of 9 degrees will not fall more low, have informed News in Gidrometeotsentre to Russia.

Weather will be cloudy W clearings up, deposits it is not expected. Atmospheric pressure will be made by 753 mm of a mercury column, relative humidity - 92 %. A wind jugo - east, 2 - 7 metres per second.

According to the CTR of forecasts of geophysical conditions (IZMIRAN), strengthening of geomagnetic activity is probable.

On an orthodox calendar, Candlemas of the all-holy Deipara.

the People have noticed that this day often there are frosts: " Introduction imposes on water ledenie " " Introduction has come - winter has resulted " " Before Introduction if snow will drop out, will thaw " " After Introduction if snow will go, the winter " will lay down;. But when on Introduction thaw noticed: " If from Introduction the deep winter lays down - prepare deep granaries: there will be a rich crop of the corn " " In Introduction a frost - all feasts morozny, warmly - all feasts are warm ".

On Introduction trial departures on sledge became, the right to begin these walks was taken away to a newly-married couple. The ceremonial was called " kazat young ". This day Vvedenskys of fair, the auctions opened.