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In Turkey disputes round secret landings in the country of planes of CIA

In Turkey do not cease disputes round secret landings in the country of planes of CIA making transportations of persons, suspected of terrorism do not cease.

On Friday the Turkish minister of transport of Binali Jyldyrym (Binali Yildirim) has CFMed that planes of the American investigation used the local airports 4 " twice; technical landings " the broadcasting company ˝NN - Turk has informed. According to the minister, both times they landed at airport Sabiha Gekchen (Sabiha Gek˝en) in the Asian part of Istanbul.

As specifies thereupon ˝NN - Turk, at the first landing CIA plane has stayed in the Istanbul airport 21 hour.

On available at ˝NN - Turk to data, planes 2 landed on American - Turkish base of the Air Forces of Indzhirlik in the south of Turkey. Affirms, in particular, that under the pretext of transportations of civilians that is regulated by United Nations decisions, Americans delivers to this base 4 the subsequent transfer in other countries of the arrested insurgents " Al - Kaidy ".

last week the Turkish newspaper " Hjurriet " (Hurriyet) has informed that the plane of CIA DeHavilland Dash 8 - 315B, the belonging false companies of CIA Path ˝oorporation, has made on November, 15th landing in Istanbul along the line to Amsterdam.

the Minister of transport of Turkey has informed this very day journalists that the plane has made " technical landing " however after some hours he has declared that local authorities have no the information on an accessory of the plane of CIA.

" My statements have been wrongly interpreted mass-media wherefore from them followed that the Turkish authorities knew ABT an accessory of the plane of CIA " - the minister of transport has noted. " AAM we did not know, to whom it belongs. The plane is registered in the USA as civil and has made technical landing in Istanbul " - Jyldyrym has told.

the Turkish opposition demands to make detailed investigation of MSG on use by planes of CIA of the airports of the country. Thus she has declared that the information on landings in Istanbul of planes of the American investigation arrived and before.

the Western press last week has informed that CIA uses a number of the countries of Europe 4 secret transportation suspected of terrorism, arrested persons in the countries Near and Middle East, their maintenance and interrogations W application of tortures in confidential prisons.

the Council of Europe is engaged in scandal Investigation.

the European convention under human rights forbids secret transportations of prisoners and application of tortures.