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the Russian Railway will in addition enter into holidays more than thousand trains

Open Society the Russian railways (Russian Railway) in days New Year`s and christmas-tide has in addition appointed more than thousand trains of distant following, is SPK in a company MSG.

" 4 maintenance of the raised demand for passenger transportations from December, 21st till January, 15th Russian Railway Open Society appoints additional trains " - it is marked in a press - release.

So, on Friday it is appointed more than 480 trains of distant following, 12 from them are " nurseries ".

Terminal points of following of additional children`s trains mainly are Velikiy Ustyug, St.-Petersburg and Kotlas (10 trains), one will proceed to Adler and more one will carry children of Severo - the Caucasian region to Moscow on " a New Year tree " in the Kremlin palace.

In a press - release it is noticed that in holidays the quantity of additional trains will be finished more than to thousand. Purposes will be spent in an operative mode as required.

Considering a tendency of increase in a volume of passenger traffic, in days of New Year`s feasts from Moscow to St.-Petersburg the greatest quantity of additional trains also will be back added. 2DAY on this direction 22 trains are added, including 6 trains will go in a direction of St.-Petersburg from the Moscow stations.

the quantity of trains in a southern direction Besides, will be increased: trains from Moscow to Adler, Rostov-on-Don, Mineral Waters, Kerch, Sevastopol and other cities will be added.

the Russian railways will generate 29 reserve structures 4 operative transportations of passengers in New Year`s feasts. All of them will be if necessary used, as it is supposed, 4 purpose of trains for Ukraine (first of all - to Crimea) and to Moldova.

the Russian Railway 2 plan to spend a number of the actions directed on strengthening of security. In New Year`s and christmas-tide in the strengthened mode will work dresses of transport militia. Besides, the additional schedule of watches is developed for workers of stations and machinists - instructors.