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3 thousand policemen will mobilise in Alma - Ate in the election day of the president

About three thousand policemen are mobilised for safety in the largest city of Kazahastana during presidential elections of the country laying ahead on Sunday. The deputy chief of department of internal affairs of Alma has informed on it - Aty the colonel of police of Nurlan Samalihov on Saturday of News.

As he said, on ANY1 of 443 polling districts of a city on the eve of the election day are on duty on two policemen, and on December, 4th their number will be increased practically twice. Policemen will accompany 2 members of election committees who W urns 4 voting will leave in a residence of voters incapable independently to come on polling districts.

" In total 4 law and order maintenance on city streets will be involved 2. 900 police officers, including 267 crews of a regiment of patrol force, cadets of Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, officers of garrison of police of Alma - Aty and military men of internal troops " - Samalihov has informed.

He 2 has noticed that on the areas and city streets 85 videocameras which allow to trace a situation in an operative mode work and in due time to react to those or other offences.

" everything that in day prezidenskih elections the order on city streets has been provided Will be made. The NE actions which are beyond the law, will be immediately stopped " - he has declared.

Alma - Ata W the population in one and a half million person is the big city of Kazakhstan. Here staffs of two opposition parties of republic - movements " are located; For fair Kazakhstan " and parties " Ak zhol " (" the Light way ") Which leaders - Zharmahan Tujakbaj and Alihan Bajmenov - stand on forthcoming presidential election and are considered as the main rivals of operating head of the state Noursultan Nazarbayev.