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the Next MTG of Ministers of Finance of countries G8 will pass in Moscow

the Next MTG of Ministers of Finance of the countries " G8 " will pass in Moscow in February, 2006, the deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Storchak has informed journalists.

" Russia as the chairman of a MTG of Ministers of Finance " G8 " in Moscow will participate in preparation and obszhudenii all items on the agenda " - has noted Storchak heading the Russian delegation at a MTG of Ministers of Finance and heads of the Central Bank in LDN.

" Such brazom, Russia formally without being a member of financial club, but presiding in it, will discuss for the first time world economy problems on a level with other leading world powers " - Storchak has told.

On egoslovam, it is expected that the tradition to invite to similar sessions of leaders of growing economy, such as China, India, Brazil, during the Moscow MTG will not be broken. " however, the given decision each time is accepted by all clubmen. It is a question of the coordination of club " - he has added.

Main points of the agenda February vsterchi ministers fininasov, according to Storchaka, become eneregeticheskaja security and financial aspects of education and public health services.

Besides, participants of a MTG will discuss concrete mechanisms of realisation of the initiative of write-off of debts of the poorest countries of Africa B4 the international financial organisations, such, as the World bank (VB) and the International currency fund (IMF). The plan has been offered by Great Britain within the limits of its presidency in club, and now it became the uniform initiative " G8 " VB and the IMF, has noted Storchak.

In 2006 process of realisation of the given initiative which assumes write-off of debts of the poorest countries at a rate of more $50 billion which have been given out for 40 years, as he said, comes to the end.

" Russia as the country - the chairman of club next year, should not miss this subject " - has noted Storchak. As he said, now technical aspects of realisation of this initiative, " are studied; and Russia has offers in this respect ".