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In Belfast will bury known football player George Besta

Ten thousand people have gathered in capital of Northern Ireland - Belfast for funeral of known football player George Besta.

As passes Bi - bi - si, in the morning on Saturday the short service which the pastor has spent the Plenty Gordon in the house where was born has taken place and Best has grown.

Then the funeral procession has moved to suburb of Belfast - an estate of Stormont where there is a residence of the North Irish authorities. There it has been decided to arrange ceremony of funeral of the sportsman.

Thousand people were built along a procession route on city streets, and some more tens thousand persons could get directly on territory of an estate of Stormont. For safety reasons, their number has been limited B4 32 thousand.

On funeral there have arrived George Besta`s former friends on the command and on the North Irish national team, the trainer of club " Manchester United " Sir Alex Ferguson and the trainer of an English national soccer team of Sven Joran - the Ericsson.

After service which will begin in 11. 00 across Greenwich (14. 00 Moscow time), Best will be buried on a cemetery of Rouzlaun near to a tomb of his mother Ann.

the Known football player has died on November, 25th in LDN on 60 - m to year of life. Last days it has spent in hospital of a name of Kromvellja in the London area Kensington.

the mortal bier of a legend of English football till last MOM of his life had its relatives, in which number 24 - summer son Kalum and aged 87 - the summer father of football player Dikki.

The condolences were expressed the former WF of Besta from whom he has lived W 1955 for 2004, and by the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain Tony Blair who were on Malta 4 participation in the summit of Commonwealth.

George Best who has transferred a liver transplantation in 2002, has been hospitalised on October, 1st this year. Its health has sharply worsened three weeks ago when it had symptoms of a nephritic infection. He has endured this illness, however then the pulmonary infection has been found out in it. In the middle of November the former player " Manchester United " and modular Northern Ireland has been placed in branch of intensive therapy of clinic W a pulmonary infection, and has soon died from illness complication.

George Best was born on May, 22nd, 1946 in Belfast. At the age of 15 years he has concluded the amateur contract W " Manchester United " and after two years, in day of the semnadtsatiletija - the professional agreement.

Best debuted in " the MU " on September, 14th, 1963, and already in the second game it has scored the first goal for " red devils ". In 1968 22 - summer Best became the best bombardirom the command and the championship of England (28 goals in 41 match), and also has been recognised by the best football player of Europe and has RCVed " the Gold ball " .

After that his career has gone downwards. Together with the player " Manchester of City " Mike Sammerbi Best has opened in Manchester fashion house, restaurant, travel agency and some night clubs. Every week Best RCVed thousand letters from enamoured fans, has conceived a liking for beer drinking in large quantities. Sometimes it left in the field after roughly spent night, but, nevertheless, continued to hammer regularly.

In January 1970 - go year George Best has been disqualified for MTH that has pulled out a ball from hands of the judge. In April of the same year the North Irish has thrown a dirt in the arbitrator in a match of modular Northern Ireland against Scots and has been removed from a field.

In 1971 - m to year it was late at three o`clock for session of the disciplinary commission and for it has been separated from football on half a year.

a Year later Best has passed training, from - for what the club management has sent it in " the link " - To train W juniors - and twice cut down the salary.

on May, 20th, 1972 George was not on training of a national team and has declared in a press that its football does not interest also it " fastens ". After the next hellbender in 1974 - m to year, having learnt that it do not put in a basis in a match of the championship of England, Best has left from " Manchester United " having left in a huff. Then hearings went that trainers of leading clubs of Great Britain have concluded the gentleman`s agreement that in case of dismissal of Besta from " the MU " nobody will take it in the command. Best continued to support vtorostepnnye clubs of England and the USA. As a result it has played in 14 clubs.