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Experts ABT the reasons of flash of a bird flu in the south of Ukraine

the Reason of flash of a bird flu in the south of Ukraine became contacts house and a bird of passage. 2 such opinion experts of the Ukrainian veterinary service which in an emergency order finds out the nature of occurrence of this dangerous illness have come.

As have informed News in the state veterinary service of Ukraine, illness, most likely, began to extend in Crimea during migration of a bird of passage through lake Sevash. " to Ukraine of a bird flu some other way we almost completely exclude Hit " - have informed in service.

the Ukrainian authorities take urgent measures for localisation of the centres of disease of a bird. In settlements of three areas of Crimea state of emergency is entered, the plan of liquidation of the poultry amazed with a virus is developed.

As the minister of an agrarian policy Alexander Baranovsky has declared, cost withdrawn in house economy and destroyed birds will be compensated at market prices.

He recognised however that the state does not have not enough financial possibilities to launch wide social campaign, including in mass-media, for the purpose of preventive maintenance of disease and the population prevention. While business is limited basically to appeals 2 the population not to buy fowl in the spontaneous markets.

Meanwhile, under certificates of inhabitants of areas where flu flashes are registered, the poultry case has begun, at least, one month ago. The veterinary service of Crimea has been informed on numerous cases of disease of a bird in several settlements of the peninsula, however any measures it was accepted not.