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Pavarotti is ready to act together with Plasido Domingo and Jose Karrerasom

the Italian tenor Luchano Pavarotti (Luņņiano Pavarotti) is ready to act together with the Spanish singers Plasido Domingo (Plaņido Domingo) and Jose Karrerasom (Jose ņarreras) before definitively leaving a scene. On this Pavarotti has informed in interview to the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

In June of this year the Italian singer from - for problems with health could not arrive to Mexico on a concert " Three tenors ". Then the informal leader of this glorified musical collective the opera singer and conductor Domingo has declared that, most likely, the trio will not act more.

However Pavarotti to whom in October 70 years were executed, felt better and now makes farewell tour on 40 countries. As he said, it is ready to act one - two times together with the friends. After that he intends to leave a scene to be engaged in teaching of a vocal and more time to devote to a family.

the Trio " Three tenors " it has been created in the end of 80 - h years, when Karreras was ill with a leukaemia and two its main things of the rival on an opera scene to support the singer, have suggested it to sing 2GETHR opera arias and popular songs B4 general public.

Karreras has recovered in due course, however the trio has turned to constant collective which has travelled the whole world W tours, has given hundreds concerts and has let out millions disks.

Though some musicologists denounced singers that they ostensibly " have belittled " classical music, it is considered that thanks to a trio " Three tenors " weights of people all over the world began to be interested in opera art and a high vocal.