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the Appearance on elections in Moscow City Council on 12. 00 the Appearance on elections in Moscow City Council on 12 has made 8,19 %

. 00 Moscow time has made 8,19 %. The chairman of Moscow Election Committee Valentine Gorbunov has informed On it on Sunday to journalists.

According to Moscow Election Committee, the greatest activity of voters is noted on severo - the east, the least - in the north of capital.

Muscovites choose 35 deputies of Moscow City Council, 15 from which are selected on one-mandatory districts, and 20 - under party lists.

nine political parties will take part In struggle for 20 places under party lists: " an United Russia " the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Russian party of life, LDPR, " Free Russia " social justice Party, " Green " " National will " and " the Apple " which acts as the uniform list W the Union of the right forces. To pass in Moscow City Council, parties 10 % are necessary to overcome a barrier.

For the remained 15 places - by quantity of election districts of a city - applies 91 odnomandatnik. According to the legislation, by elite in deputies of Moscow City Council on one-mandatory election district the candidates who have RCVed the greatest poll of voters will be recognised.

Elections will be considered 20 % which have taken place at an appearance of the registered voters which in capital is about 6 million 880 thousand, have informed in Moscow Election Committee.

On these elections for the first time in ballots there will be no column " against all ".