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Presidential elections of Kazakhstan in Alma - Ate pass easy

Presidential election in Alma - Ate pass easy, organizovanno and is active, the head of election committee Alma - Aty Daulet Bajdeldinov has declared News on Sunday.

" Presidential elections - Ate pass in Alma more actively in comparison with parliamentary elections last year. So, on 14. 00 local times in a city have voted 211 thousand persons that makes 25,3 % from total number of the inhabitants having the right to vote " - he has told. Bajdeldinov has noticed that 4 Alma - Aty is not characteristic a high appearance of voters.

As he said, presidential election is characterised by quiet conditions and smaller quantity of conflict situations on polling districts, and also complaints which arrive from voters.

" last year on 12. 000 during parliamentary elections in the Central Electoral Committee was already about 150 complaints concerning infringements of the selective legislation, and now for the same time - hardly more than ten " - Bajdeldinov has told.