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the Air Forces of Austria have the certificate on CIA activity in Europe

the Austrian Air Forces have a photo which is possible, is the certificate of that CIA of the USA created in countries of Eastern Europe the same prisons 4 suspected of terrorism, as well as on the American military base in Guantanamo (Cuba).

As writes in the last number a weekly journal " the Profile " on January, 21st, 2003 the Austrian fighter " Saab - Draken 35 OE " has photographed transport " Oat-flakes " W board number N8183J which made unapproved flight in air space over Austria.

Meanwhile, according to the international human rights organisations, CIA has organised for the last years about 300 flights of such cars for the purpose of delivery of prisoners suspected of terrorism in confidential camp in territory of the Eastern Europe.

the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs after that incident did not begin to declare the usual protest in such cases to the American authorities. However, the Austrian party was informally converted into embassy of the USA behind explanations. Americans as writes magazine, have declared that " the plane carried out mission in interests of the government of the USA " also have expressed a regret in connection with incident.

However, underlines the edition, this " Oat-flakes " has been registered as the civil plane. It is suspicious thus that it started from a military part of the airport of Frankfurt am Main, and, under data of the Austrian military investigation, the same car has been involved in Kosovan campaign.

According to magazine, there is still variety of the facts of illegal flights of the American planes in the Austrian air space.

This subject, writes a weekly journal, will be lifted the next weeks during visit to the USA federal chancellor Wolfgang Shjusselja.