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For Nazarbayev 90,5 % of the interrogated voters - exit - polls

the Working president of Kazakhstan Noursultan Nazarbayev, according to poll of the voted voters have voted, was fixed on a position of the leader on elections of the head of the state passing in Sunday in this country. News have informed on it in the CTR of political technologies (Moscow) which interviews voters on standard statistical model exit - polls.

on 15. 00 local times (12. 00 Moscow time), for Nazarbayev 90,5 % of the interrogated voters have voted.

the Separation between the working president and other four applicants for a state post of the head has increased. To the leader of the oppositional block " For fair Kazakhstan " Zharmahanu Tujakbaju while was possible to type 6,4 % of votes. For the chairman of the party " Ak zhol " Alihana Bajmenova have voted 2,1 %, the deputy mazhilisa Erasyla Abylkasymova - 0,6 %, self-promoted worker Mela Eleusizova - 0,4 %.

Exit - polls it is spent W 7. 00 B4 20. 00 local time on 290 polling districts. Number of respondents - national sample of 29 thousand persons.

Exit - polls does not transgression Republics Kazakhstans ABT elections according to which poll of voters in the election day is authorised to be spent out of polling districts.