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NHL: Alexander Ovechkin has helped " to Washington " to crush " Rejndzhers "

Russian attacking " Washington Kepitalz " Alexander Ovechkin became one of the outstanding public figures of the next game day in National hockey league (NHL). In game against " New York Rejndzhers " former Moscow dinamovets it was noted by the thrown washer and three goal passes, than in many respects predetermine victory of capital club with the bill 5:1. By the way, B4 this match Ovechkin could not amaze a collar of rivals throughout six matches.

One of transfers 19 - the summer forward was embodied in a goal by Lithuanian Dajnjus Zubrus.

One more factor which has helped " to Washington " there was a brilliant game of the German goalkeeper Olafa Koltsiga who has reflected 37 throws of Jaromira Jagra and the company. As a result, the longest for last four years shestimatchevaja a victorious series " rangers " Has interrupted, and Czech superbombardir has written down on the bill only a goal pass.

Game passed in Washington and local public subjected Jagra, two and a half a season of protecting colour of this club, obstruction each time when he owned a washer.

Russians were appreciable and in opposition " Nju - Dzhersi Devilz " - " Minnesota Uajld " come to the end with victory " Devils " in a series bullitov with the bill 3:2. Attacking " Nju - Jersey " Victor Kozlov at first has translated game in an overtime during the second half third period, and then has put a final end in this match, having realised solving penal throw.

Andrey Zyuzin (" Minnesota ") Sergey Brylin (" was noted by a goal, and; Nju - Jersey ") - Transfer.

In collars of the home team Martin Brodo who has made 37 " perfectly well looked; rescue " and not trembled in a series bullitov.

After two passed from - for colds of games in structure " Devils " Vladimir Malakhov has returned.

the Russian goalkeeper " Anaheim Majti Daks " Ilya Bryzgalov has been recognised by the first star of a match of the command against " Atlanta Tresherz " in which " Mighty ducks " have defeated with the bill 2:1. On the bill of Bryzgalova of 20 reflected throws.

Joes Torntona who have Transfigured after occurrence " the Dignity - Jose Sharks " have won hard victory over " Toronto Mejpl Lifs " - 5:4. The former captain " Boston " it was noted by two goal passes, however the operating captain " was the best as a part of owners; Sharks " Patrick Marlo who has repeated " exploit of Ovechkina " - One goal and three transfers.

the Goalkeeper " the Dignity - Jose " Evgenie Nabokov has passed this game from - for groin stretchings.

In dramatically developing duel " Boston Brjuinz " and " Edmonton Oljers " " Bears " have managed to prove in an overtime the superiority over " Oil industry workers " - 4:3. At winners one washer was spent by Sergey Samsonov, and at lost the goal pass noted Igor Ulanov.

Native walls have not helped " Pittsburgh Pingvinz " in a duel against " Calgary Flejmz " - " Penguins " have conceded 2:3 though their young asterisk of Sidni of Crosby has managed to cause a stir in 13 - j time in this season.

the match Result has been in many respects predetermined in the beginning of the third period when the forward of visitors of Dejmond Lengkau has managed to cause a stir twice within two minutes.

club Mario Leme had big doubts concerning the first washer in this match, included after a throw of the forward " Calgary " Markusa Nilsona. In this MOM the washer reflected from a bar has got on a line of gate, without crossing it. Nevertheless, arbitrators of a MTG have included a capture of gate.

Burdened by absence of leading players " Montreal Kanadiens " has managed to interrupt the series from four defeats successively, having changed " Los - Andzheles Kingz " with the bill 3:2. We will remind that at " Canadians " Saku Kojvu, Alexey Kovalev, are injured by Radek Bonk, and Andrey Markov passed this game from - for disqualification.

In the most productive game of day " Phoenix Kojotis " " have shot down " " Carolina Harrikejnz " with the bill 8:4. Phenomenal game in structure " Kojotov " has shown Ladislav Nad - three goals, two transfers.

" Florida Panterz " on the platform only in an overtime have pulled out victory at " Chicago Blekhouks " - 4:3.

" Philadelphia Flajerz " in a series bullitov has conceded on a visit at " Nashville Predatorz " - 3:4, and 4 " Predators " this victory became 200 - j in the history of club.