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Kozak suggests to develop a series of measures on fight against corruption

the Plenipotentiary of the president in Southern federal district Dmitry Kozak suggests to develop a series of measures on fight against corruption.

" It is necessary to develop and accept the whole series of measures, directed on corruption overcoming " - the plenipotentiary has declared to journalists upon termination of meeting W councillors of the Federation, devoted to measures on situation stabilisation in subjects of Southern federal district.

" Corruption has pernicious an effect and on socially - economic sphere, and on security sphere " - Kozak has told.

He has underlined that is necessary as well a series of measures, directed on increase of efficiency of power structures and military formations for safety on northern caucasus. " in particular, accurate definition of a zone of responsibility of ANY1 authority " is necessary; - he considers.

According to the plenipotentiary, such measures are already developed, in particular, amendments are prepared for operating federal laws, and also the project of the decree of the president ABT the mechanism of coordination of activity of executive powers of the power in power sphere.

" One of measures in the same direction is our plan to confirm the list of indicators of efficiency of activity of authorities " - Kozak has told.