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the incident Reasons in the city of Chusovoj will find out three commissions

4 finding-out of the reasons of a collapse of a roof in pool " the Dolphin " the cities of Chusovoj of the Perm edge it is created three commissions. ABT it as have informed News in a press - service of the governor of edge, has declared in Perm vitse - the governor of the Perm edge Nikolay Buhvalov.

" Are created and have already begun to work two commissions on check of the reasons of a collapse of a roof in pool on December, 4th, 2005. One commission is organised by the proprietor of pool - Chusovsky metal works, it was headed by the general director of the enterprise Anatoly Karpov. The second commission - the commission of Office of Public Prosecutor " - have quoted words of Buhvalova in a press - service.

According to the interlocutor of agency, the decision on creation of the third commission - at level of the subject of federation - will be accepted on Monday.

" These commissions will understand the reasons of a collapse and to do conclusions within the limits of the competence. Besides, 2DAY till the end of day the plan of measures on the further actions of administration of region in connection with an event in Chusovom " will be offered the governor of the Perm edge; - Buhvalov has told.

the Collapse of overlappings of a roof of pool in Chusovom has occurred on Sunday in 14. 30 local time (12. 30 Moscow time). The collapse Total area has made more than 100 square metres. Salvage operations have been finished on Monday morning.

As a result of 14 persons were lost and 12 were traumatised. Now 10 persons remain in the central hospital Chusovogo. Under the information territolnogo the CTR of medicine of accidents, five victims are in a grave condition, from them four - in resuscitation.