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Germany: act of terrorism in Natanii - attempt to undermine peace process in the country

the Government of Germany considers an act of terrorism in Natanii (Israel) as attempt to undermine is Israeli - the Palestinian peace process. About it it is SPK in the statement of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Frank - Walter Shtajnmajera, extended on Monday a press - service the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

" the Federal government most decisively denounces today`s act of terrorism in Natanii. Again the set of people " became victims of a cruel terrorist attack; - it is marked in the statement of the head of foreign policy department.

" This act of terrorism, undoubtedly, is attempt to destroy hope of progress in is Israeli - the Palestinian peace process which have appeared in connection with leaving of Israel from Gaza Strip and opening of boundary transition in Rafahe " - the minister considers. He has called " to reject resolute pressure of similar attempts ".

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany has presented deep condolences to families and friends of victims, and also has wished the prompt recover wounded in time of this act of terrorism.

Explosion in the Israeli city of Netanija has carried away lives of five persons, not less than 50 have got wounds, the representative of service of the help in ZAK`S emergency situations has informed News on Monday. As he said, four have died on the spot the explosion which has thundered at an input in shopping centre, the fifth has died from the RCVed wounds in hospital.

One of victims is in a critical status, two - in heavy, the others have got moderate severity level wounds, the interlocutor of agency has told.

the Explosive was put in action by the Palestinian insurgent - the condemned man. Responsibility for the happened was incurred by radical movement " Islamic jihad ".