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Ukraine prepares the reference in the Stockholm arbitration on a gas problem

the Government of Ukraine prepares documents 4 the reference in the Stockholm arbitration on a gas problem W Russia, the member of the selective block " has declared; Our Ukraine " the People`s Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Katerinchuk.

" In Ministry WRK on preparation of all necessary documents 4 a reference to the court " is constantly conducted; - quotes words of Katerinchuka a press - service of the selective block.

" the Ukrainian party in the name of the National joint-stock company Petrogas of Ukraine has 2DAY Gud legal base 4 upholding of the interests in the International arbitration court in Stockholm " - the deputy considers.

the Ukrainian prime minister - minister Yury Ehanurov has declared earlier that Ukraine has the right to selection of 15 % of Russian gas pumped over on its territory.

" If one thousand cubic metre (gas) passes on territory of Ukraine from them 150 are ours as a payment for gas transit. It is the contract, it is a legal formula, and this our unconditional right, the legal right of Ukraine - 15 % of gas we take for transit through our territory for all that WRK which thousand people from border B4 border spend 2DAY in Ukraine " - Ehanurov has told.

the Vice-president of board of Gazprom Alexander Medvedev has told earlier that the company is ready to be converted into the Stockholm court in case of illegal selection of gas by Ukraine.

" We are ready to go to the Swedish court if Ukraine on it goes. But this latest business - to go to arbitration. But, if Ukraine is ready, we too are ready " - he has declared on Sunday in interview to the First TV channel.

At the same time, Medvedev considers that chances to agree W Ukraine on gas still are.

" Hope springs eternal " - he has told, having added that 4 achievement of arrangements the good will of the Ukrainian party is necessary also.

" Unfortunately, we while do not C it " - Medvedev ascertained.

In case of a failure of negotiations, he has assured, in 10. On January, 00 1 gas to Ukraine will not arrive, having saved full volume of deliveries to Europe.