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the Ministry of culture develops the bill of public television

the Ministry of culture and mass communications of the Russian Federation in September, 2006 will introduce the bill of public television in the government, and in November the document will be brought in the State Duma, has informed at a briefing on Tuesday of deputy minister Leonid Nadirov.

As he said, at the given stage the department of mass communications of the ministry is engaged in working out of the concept of the bill. Nadirov 2 has informed that along with profile departments the concept will be considered by Public chamber of the Russian Federation.

" At the first stage it is necessary to reform a part of the state TV channels and radio programs 4 needs of public tele-radio broadcasting, - Nadirov has told. - the State at the first stage saves the state support of public television ".

" 2DAY conversation on this subject has appeared in time, as simultaneously there is an expansion of the market at the expense of digital components " - Nadirov has told. " Creation of public television will contribute in the further development of democratic structures " - he has added.