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the Former head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sudan is appointed by the special representative the LOG in Iraq

the Former Sudanese Minister for Foreign Affairs, the political adviser of the president of Sudan Mustafa Ismail the Osmanli Turk (LOG) in Iraq is appointed by the special representative of League of the Arabian states.

As the secretary general of league Amr Musa has declared on Tuesday, problems of the special representative include participation in preparation planned for the end of February of the Interiraq conference on reconciliation which will take place the LOG under aegis.

During preparatory conference on the Iraq reconciliation which has passed in November in Cairo, the Osmanli Turk has headed committee on trust restoration between the Iraq political forces.

In September of last year the LOG has generated spetskomitet across Iraq as a part of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq and Kuwait. The committee has made decision to restore WRK of representation the LOG in Bagdad, to direct Amra Musu 4 carrying out of consultations of the Iraq fractions and initiated convocation of preparatory conference on reconciliation in Iraq.