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the Expiring year became critical 4 the Chechen Republic - the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of republic

the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Chechen Republic Ruslan Alhanov considers the expiring year critical in fight against terrorism in republic territory.

" Within current year police officers together with representatives of other power structures have caused an irreplaceable loss to bands " - the head of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs has declared to journalists.

" 306 participants of a bandit underground are detained as a result of special action, among them - 13 influential leaders " - Alhanov SPK.

As he said, " 140 insurgents, among them so-called " are destroyed; emirs " Tourist`s teas, Chitigov, Mamsarov and Umaev ". " On their bill tens grave crimes and acts of terrorism " were registered; - Alhanov has underlined.

As the minister, " has noted; Along with fighting special actions WRK on voluntary addition of the weapon by participants of illegal armed formations " was in parallel conducted also;. In total within a year in law enforcement bodies 48 insurgents have pled guilty, the minister has noted.

Under the statement Alhanova headed by it department " has toughened WRK on struggle against kidnappings ". " Substantially increase of efficiency of activity in this direction was contributed by creation in structure of the Chechen Ministry of Internal Affairs of management on struggle against the organised crime " - Alhanov has noticed.

As he said, " employees of management have spent a number of successful special actions on detention of groups and the persons making kidnappings, and raskryvaemost this kind of crimes has increased on 4,4 % in comparison with last year ".

At the same time the minister asserts that " I am not satisfied by these indicators, and next year struggle against kidnappings becomes priority in our activity along with problems on eradication of the rests of a bandit underground ".

Alhanov 2 rigidly brings an attention to the question on observance by law enforcement officers of the rights of citizens at carrying out of special actions on detention of suspected persons. " I have already issued the order forbidding carrying of masks and uniform of the unstated sample " - the minister has noted.

the Major line of activity of power department, the minister considers, there is a struggle against oil plunders in territory of the Chechen Republic. " for a year it is liquidated 286 mini - factories on extraction and oil refining, 13 thefts " are prevented; oil " from the main oil pipeline, 11 wells on petrocondensate extraction " are liquidated; - Alhanov SPK.

Thus, executing the office debt, many police officers do not feel sorry the lives and health, he has told. According to Alhanova, " from the beginning of year in fighting operations and during performance of duty 121 employee of bodies of the law and order was lost, 278 have got wounds ".

For the shown courage and heroism 43 militiamen are awarded by the state awards, 142 - awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and 39 police officers have ahead of schedule RCVed the next special ranks, the minister has noted.

He 2 has informed that at carrying out spetsmeroprijaty 17 bases of participants of illegal armed formations, 148 hiding places W the weapon and equipment are liquidated, from illegal circulation 412 automatic machines, 149 pistols, 44 machine guns, 345 grenade cup discharges and more than two tons of explosives are withdrawn.