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British can be insured now from terrorism consequences

In Great Britain for the first time there was a possibility to be insured from terrorism consequences.

As the London newspaper " writes on Tuesday; the Underground " known tourist insurance company InsureandGo has entered 4 the clients new service - a covering of the expenses connected with consequences of terrorism. Medical expenses, indemnification for loss of personal things are included in this service and a delay of transport in case of an act of terrorism.

Necessity of a similar step has ripened after acts of terrorism of this year in LDN, in Egypt and to Bali, the newspaper marks. The insurance companies have undergone to criticism that did not provide reimbursement in case of act of terrorism. After explosions of hotels in Charm - esh - the Sheikh in this summer many British tourists have appeared B4 that fact that insurers refused to compensate to them suffered expenses or vezvrashchat money in case of trip cancellation.

" the Terrorism, unfortunately, became an integral part of our life as in the country, and abroad " - the representative of company InsureandGo Perr Wilson has noted. " some companies exclude acts of terrorism from the insured events, but we want to get rid of it and to make these cases a part of our services " - he has added.

" the Underground " referring to Association of the British insurers, specifies that other companies 2 deliberate now over indemnification at least the medical expenses suffered by victims of acts of terrorism.