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Father Frost Dog suits in pet-shops of Moscow disperse on " hurrah "

On the eve of coming year of the Fiery Dog in the Moscow pet-shops suits of Santa Claus 4 dogs disperse on " hurrah ".

" Special demand Father Frost suits 4 dogs " now use; - the seller of one of large capital pet-shops has told to the correspondent of News.

As he said, such complete set includes a jacket and the hat of red colour edged by white artificial fur.

such suit only However will approach a dog of small breed - for example, jorkshirskomu to a terrier. It is said that it still can nalezt on pesika is larger - for example, on kokker - a spaniel. Costs such odezhka in various shops on - to a miscellaneous - from 600 B4 1500 roubles. However sellers notice that such suit will not warm the pupil, and carries " purely decorative character ".

4 large dogs on sale 2 there are dresses, let and not New Year`s. Overalls, demi-season and winter, at the price from 600 roubles B4 1200 roubles depending on matela are on sale.

Sellers of pet-shops notice that last year " dog " accessories did not use such demand. Possibly, townspeople have decided to be prepared for future year of the Fiery dog especially.

However the future year of the Dog 4 many Muscovites not an occasion to get a canine friend. As has told News zavodchitsa one of private nurseries of sheep-dogs in Moscow, " in December of special demand for puppies was not. Last year puppies bought EVN better ".

In other nursery of dogs of breed Afghani fleet News have told that " purchase of a puppy - always a responsible both serious step, and many so also approach to it ".

" That the dog will be a symbol of coming year, yet an occasion to get it " - have noted in this nursery.

In one of nurseries for the present not enough known breed velsh - korgi - pembrok affairs go to Russia Gud.

" the Dog of breed korgi - red, similar on lisichku, it is similar to a symbol of coming year " - has told News zavodchitsa dogs of this breed.

As she said, now puppies are in great demand and as she considers, next year too will be on sale is very Gud.

New Year`s gifts 4 the pupils - stones, toys, winter overalls and other accessories - Muscovites buy willingly. Some EVN take these goods in a gift 4 dogs of the acquaintances. After all it is considered that canine friends in feasts need to be cajoled, that year has passed successfully.