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Preparation of act of terrorism in Beslan supervised Basayev and Maskhadov

over Preparation of act of terrorism in Beslan in September, 2004 supervised Shamil Basayev and Aslan Maskhadov, the head of the federal parliamentary commission on Beslan Alexander Torshin has declared.

" over Preparation of act of terrorism separatists known for the cruelty Shamil Basayev, Aslan Maskhadov, Magomet Hashiev and their environment supervised. Active participation was accepted by foreigners, including known (Arabian) terrorist Abu - Dzejt " - he has informed.

According to Torshina, members of the parliamentary commission have come to a conclusion that conditions destabilization in all North Caucasus was a main objective of act of terrorism in Beslan.

the Head of the commission has noticed 2 that preparation of act of terrorism has begun in August, 2004 when the group of terrorists as a part of 34 persons has begun to be formed.

Two women from group of insurgents - Gaburova and Nataeva, has told Torshin, carried so-called belts of condemned men.

" Clearness of actions of gangsters at the grasped school specified in the fulfilled scenario " - Torshin has noted.