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a Khanuka - a miracle 4 the Russian Jews

Till now, without arranging, representatives of the Jewish organisations celebrating a Khanuka in different corners of Moscow, a positive miracle name that fact that this feast in Russia is 2DAY. After all more ten years ago nobody could believe ones and a half that here it will be possible to celebrate the Jewish feasts openly. However, and as a whole the Russian Jewish community 2DAY – an embodiment of that miracles occurred not only during ancient times, but the place and is today it.

some years successively Hanukija (vosmisvechnik) is established on this feast in the CTR of Moscow – on a Manezhnaya Square at walls of the Kremlin. The first candle by tradition is lighted by the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. According to the mayor, tradition to celebrate a Khanuka it is passed from Moscow to other cities of Russia: « tens cities, following Moscow, 2 celebrate a Khanuka ».

However, Hanukija on the Arena – Not the unique celebratory lamp on a city square in Moscow. The Jewish community of the Western administrative district of capital lights the third year candles on 9 - metre hanukie, established on a platform at one of the Moscow recreation centres successively. « this Hanukija is not less, than that that is recognised the biggest in the world   - at the White house in Washington » - members of a community SPK. However the size Hanukii – not the most important thing. The main thing – possibility to celebrate a feast.

As the chairman of Federation of the Jewish communities of the CIS considers Levi Levaev, celebrations in the CTR of Moscow bear that « after all years of communism, an interdiction of all religions, all - taki conquers light ». Levaev remembers the grandfather who sat in camps in Siberia that taught to children the Jewish tradition and Hebrew. The situation in the USSR, SPK it, reminded that that Jews of Palestin at the time of the tsar of Antiochus (in 2 century B4 n have worried. e.) . Then it forbade to observe tradition, but they have lifted revolt and have defended the rights. This time, however, has managed EVN W/ O revolt.

the Miracle of a Khanuka which symbolises, according to the main rabbi of Russia Berl Lazara, « spirit victory over force » it is close and clear 4 all Jews on the former space of the USSR. They have survived and have revived the culture, have returned 2 the religion. Therefore in a Khanuka in Russia pay a tribute of memory and respect to Jews of the senior generation who could save national identity.

Remember also those who wared during the Second World War, saved the world from fascism. Remember also those who was lost in a ghetto and fascist concentration camps and who has survived and has informed the Jewish culture up to now.

Not casually on the eve of a Khanuka the Federation of the Jewish communities of Russia (FEOR) spends ceremony of delivery of awards « the Person of year ». This ceremony is spent already the third time. According to Berl Lazara, « our winners bear to people light and good, they are people of spirit » and it approaches to Khanuka symbolics. Award FEOR is handed over to people who the activity have brought the real and recognised contribution to development of cultural and public life of the country without dependence from their nationality and confession.

Winners of the award are selected in ten nominations.

avel Lungin for a film « Poor relatives ». This film has been conceived as a comedy. But there is there completely not comedy plot – a MTG after more than half a century of two relatives divided by the Iron Curtain, it is unique survived of all family. Almost 15 minutes heroes of a film brilliantly played 95 - summer Frenchwoman Ester Gueten and avstrijtsom Otto Tausig, speak Yiddish W/ O any transfer. Such the Russian cinema yet did not C.

the Winner of the award in a nomination « Theatre » The director Kama Ginkas, as well as many other winners, has devoted the award to the parents. He was born for 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the childhood has spent in the Kaunas ghetto. « Kama, you are live to spite of Hitler » - repeated all life his mother. And at ceremony he has told that its award, and all today`s life of the Jewish communities in territory   the former USSR – it « to spite of Hitler, to spite of neo-Nazis and all that who tries to sow international rozn ».

just in days of commemorating of a Khanuka after restoration the synagogue in Rostov-on-Don has opened. The day before the chairman of the Jewish community of a city Yury Rubin has RCVed the award « the Person of year » in a nomination « For development of cenobitic life ». For support of the Jewish community the award 2 has been handed over the governor of Sverdlovsk area Edward Rossel.

If the first day of a Khanuka which has been organised in Moscow FEOR, was a memory and respect tribute the second day of a feast has been devoted the future. The Russian Jewish congress (RIVERS) has collected in one of the most beautiful banquet rooms of Moscow of the diversified representatives of the Jewish community. In one hall oligarchs, rabbis, actors, teachers and pupils of the Jewish schools of Moscow sat. And children became the main visitors of a feast. Recently selected head of the RIVERS Vyacheslav Kantor, lighting hanukalnye candles, has noticed that « children are our future, and our problem – to make its worthy ».

to the Future it is devoted and hanukalnyj the evening organised by the Congress of the Jewish religious organisations and associations of Russia. The celebratory concert at theatre of Vahtangova starts to the actions devoted 100 - to summer anniversary of the Moscow choral synagogue. Official celebrations will take place in the summer and autumn of 2006. Now in a synagogue repair comes to the end.

Thus, ANY1 Jewish organisation of Russia celebrated a Khanuka on - to the.   light hanukalnyh fires has warmed the Russian winter and has forced to reflect once again that miracles are man-made. The main thing - in them to believe.

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