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During operation in Beslan thirty one terrorist

has been destroyed During operation on clearing of hostages at school of 1 cities of Beslan 31 terrorist has been destroyed. The chairman of the federal parliamentary commission on investigation of the reasons and circumstances of fulfilment of act of terrorism has declared it in Beslan (North Ossetia) 1 - on September, 3rd, 2004, the vice-president of the Federation Council Alexander Torshin, zachityvaja results of WRK of the commission from September, 20th, 2004 on December, 28th, 2005 B4 councillors of Federation and deputies of the State Duma.

the Investigatory way establishes persons of 23 terrorists, he has told.

" At check of the established members of a gang under available operative accounts data on presence of a previous conviction at 13 of them " have been RCVed; - he has told.

Torshin has added that the part of the automatic weapon withdrawn from a scene of crime has been grasped at an attack of insurgents on buildings of law enforcement bodies in Nazran in June, 2004.

According to the senator, during carrying out it is judicial - chemical examinations it is established that 21 terrorist an intravenous way entered to itself the heroin, two more used marihuana. " such is shape of these, if one may say so, people " - Torshin has noted.