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Under the informal data on elections in Iraq the Shiit coalition

According to informal results of the parliamentary elections which have taken place on December, 15th in Iraq is in the lead, their winner became " the Incorporated Iraq coalition " the basic Shiit religious parties. As the Iraq newspaper close to the government " informs; the Expert - Sabah " its representatives have won 130 of 275 parliamentary places.

Into coalition structure enter the High council of Islamic revolution of Abdel Aziz al - Hakima, party " the Hell - Daava " Ibragima al - Dzhaafari and movement " the Expert - Sadr " headed by young radical Shiit leader Muktadoj the expert - Sadrom.

On the first parliamentary elections in Iraq, passed on January, 30th, 2005, the Shiit coalition has RCVed 132 places.

This time 52 places second W result became " the Kurdistansky coalition " - An alliance of two main political educations of this independent region - Democratic party of Kurdistan led by Masudom Barzani and the Patriotic union of Kurdistan (leader Jalal Talabani). In January the result of Kurdish parties was considerably above - 71 place.

Going on elections independently from the basic coalition " the Islamic union " Kurdistan has RCVed 5 places in new parliament.

42 More places in the future legislature will be occupied with representatives " the Iraq front of the consent " united three conducting sunnitskie parties - the Iraq Islamic party, the Iraq national dialogue and Conference of the people of Iraq.

Representatives of one more sunnitskogo the pre-election list - " Front of national dialogue " Saleha al - Mutlaka will RCV 11 places, and the block " Musalaha va tahrir " (" Reconciliation and clearing ") - Three places.

Thus, for the first time participating in elections sunnity have won in total 56 places in parliament. In transitive National assembly handing over the power sunnity have been presented by 17 deputies.

the List " Al - Irakija " were the prime minister - the minister of Iraq Ajjada Aljavi including a number of secular parties, has won 25 places (38 on January elections).

Other places, it is SPK in a MSG of the Iraq newspaper which are not specifying a source of the information, were distributed among small parties and associations: " Ar - Rafidejn " (christians) - one place, " Turkmen front " - one place, party " Al - Umma al - Irakija " Misalja al - Aljusi - the first Iraq politician who has visited Israel - one place, the independent block " Risalijun " supporters of Muktady the expert - Sadra - one place.

three More places, the newspaper informs, will be distributed between others in small lots.