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Spectators of TV channel TNT will meet New Year in a genre stand - up ˝omedy

On New Year`s Eve TV channel TNT invites the spectators to comedy show ˝omedy ˝lub.

" Đomedy Đlub - one of the most successful projects TNT in 2005 - an ohm to year, and it is logical, that it finished this year and began new " - the general producer of TV channel Dmitry Troitsky considers.

its leader - Artashes Sarkisyan Will open club doors. Residents ˝omedy ˝lub, and also the invited visitors will act W the original numbers specially created 4 the celebratory program. BRO the Grimm, Avraam Russo, Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan, group " Factory " and other stars of show - business will be huliganit, to rave and participate in provocations of residents ˝omedy ˝lub. In group " Factory " the quantity of participants which are not able to sing at all will increase, Soso Pavliashvili will sing " an ode " To skinheads, and Michael Seigniorial will call on duel of the resident of club Vadim Galygina and " will pin up " its sword.

Spectators draws W8, for fight, unexpected turns of a plot and a parody to popular transmissions TNT W participation of leaders - Anfisy Chehovoj, Michael Porechenkova, Xenia Borodinoj.

" Our program are parodies and humour, first of all text. And New year is a feast, music and pleasure. We have tried to combine informal, caustic humour ˝omedy ˝lub with entertainment in the pure state. And the ending similar to ours - I will not open an intrigue - on a broader scale on television never nobody removed " - the director ˝omedy ˝lub Xenia Chashej SPK.

˝omedy ˝lub - the first television show in a genre stand - up ˝omedy on the Russian television. This genre means performance of actors - comedians B4 auditorium W monologues or sketches. As a rule, humour tactless, malicious, and that is important, original - initially the comedian was both the author, and the director of the show, and many numbers were under construction on improvisation.

As the phenomenon, stand - up ˝omedy was generated in America in 60 - h years 20 - go centuries and already after some years has won club platforms of the country. Many clubs began to accept going on tour comedians, and even to get constant residents. Among stars stand - up ˝omedy - Robin Williams, Eddi Murphy, Bills the Crystal, Vupi Goldberg, Jim Kerri. In stand - up ˝omedy there is a constant contact to the spectators, many jokes are connected with the invited star visitors, at times the humour balances on the verge of decency, and in ability not to transpass this side, skill of the talented comedian consists.