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Orthodox christians New year - on January, 1st, - a feast do not consider. This day in temples and monasteries in   remember sacred martyr Vonifatija Tarsijsky which has been executed in 290 year by Romans that has believed in the Christ.

At believing Russians in New year the heat of fast, an interdiction for all animal food, sweets and wine.

Eat vegetables, porridges W/ O butter, salty mushrooms.

The matter is that the church calendar does not correspond to a civil calendar, and new year truly believing meet only on January, 13th.

Merge of a civil feast to a religious celebration occurs 2DAY in Russia only in day of Christmas on January, 7th.

This day is declared by the day off.

Night on the eve of Christmas is considered day of a celebration of any evil spirit which rushes about in fear B4 a birth of the world`s Savior. This day it is accepted to guess, think of desires, to make magic ceremonials.

In day of Christmas the Russian television passes direct transmissions from the main temple of Russia, capital Christ the Saviour Cathedral where spends solemn worship service patrh Vseja of Russia Alexy II.

Thus usually there are first persons of the state: the president, the prime minister - the minister, heads of chambers.

If roman catholics place emphasis of Christmas on a christophany celebration, on light of the Star of Bethlehem over Palestin which declared to the world ward of new belief Russian christians underline intimate character of a feast, ordinance of a birth of God live from the blameless Virgin. 4 Russian church it is a feast of eternal motherhood, a feast of Mother and sacred the Child. Sanctity surrounds a birth of NE soul, underlines Russian feast.

And a secular echo of Christmas there are numerous dramatized stories ABT Savior Christmas on kindergartens, sunday schools at temples and in ice palaces. Participants such here Christmas representation: maguses   and shepherds, the Roman warriors, the tsar the Herod and a holy family,   virgin Maria, her husband the old man carpenter Joseph and the baby from Spirit Sacred - the Christ.

the Feast of New year and Christmas is usually accompanied by the device of ice skating rinks in court yard and parks where townspeople where 4 a glamour submit vodka in piles from ice SK8.

having drunk on a frost such here a glass, it break.

At Russian is povere that the broken ware - fortunately.

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