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the Government of the Russian Federation will discuss development of a national infrastructure of communication

the Government of Russia at session on Thursday will consider the problem on maintenance of availability of the modern is information - communication services 4 the population and development of a national infrastructure of communication for the period till 2012.

As have informed journalists in a press - government service, W the report on this question the minister of information technologies and communication Leonid Rejman will act. It 2 will present the report on the governmental commission on federal communication.

Predictably, session will pass under the chairmanship of the first vitse - a premiere of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev as the head of the government Michael Fradkov is in a trip on the countries of Latin America.

At session the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu W the report on results of WRK of this ministry in 2005 and the basic lines of activity on 2006 - 2008 2 will act. SHojgu 2 will tell about allocation to the government of the North Ossetia of means from reserve fund of the government of the Russian Federation under the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations and consequences of acts of nature.

the Head of Ministry of Justice Yury Chajka will act W the report on representation to the president of the Russian Federation 4 entering on ratification of the Convention on a criminal liability for corruption.

the Head of Federal space agency Anatoly Perminov will tell about the bills providing ratification of intergovernmental agreements W India and South Korea ABT cooperation in the field of research and use of a space in the peace purposes.

the Chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation - the first deputy of the Minister of Defence Yury Baluevsky will act W the report on the bill providing ratification of the intergovernmental agreement W Tajikistan ABT transfer to the property of the Russian Federation optiko - the electronic site " Nurek " Monitoring systems of a space and an order of its functioning.

the Director of Federal migratory service Konstantin Romodanovsky will report on the project of changes in some acts of Russia.

Stats - the secretary, zamglavy MERT Andrey Sharons will act W the report on putting on on this ministry of powers of delivery of permissions to re-export of the goods, except for the goods of military and double purpose occurring from territory of the Russian Federation, other member states of the Euroasian economic community.