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the Belarus opposition intends to pass 2 new strategy of struggle

the Belarus opposition passes 2 new strategy of struggle against the power, is SPK in circulation the leader of opposition Alexander Milinkevicha, extended on Wednesday.

" After elections we do not recede, and we pass 2 a mode siege. It is reasonable and exact calculation, - it is SPK in circulation. - we pass from a stage of a perfect romantic impulse of courageous minority 2 everyday educational and information WRK of tens thousand volunteers of freedom ".

According to Milinkevicha, political parties and the non-governmental organisations become a resistance kernel.

" 2DAY at the heart of our actions three basic directions: free elections, a free word, free education " - it is underlined in circulation.

According to Milinkevicha, peace protest actions is only an insignificant part of new strategy. " We will conduct petition on change of the Selective code, to withdraw deputies of the House of Representatives and local Advice. All our steps will be directed on creation in Belarus of conditions 4 carrying out of free and open elections " - the leader of the Belarus opposition SPK.

creation outside of the country of independent television and radio which will become Byelorussians Besides, is planned, to SPK about Byelorussians and to broadcast to Belarus.

" We will support not state press which, counter to pressings forward of a mode, continues to bear a truth word in the people. We will as much as possible support ANY1 civil initiative under the edition of bulletins, leaflets, local newspapers. We will expand a zone free the Internet - spaces " - it is SPK in circulation.

the organisation in the country " 2 is planned; public universities ". Besides, the Belarus opposition intends to create possibility 4 Byelorussians to be trained at the best universities of Europe and to train in the best European organisations and the enterprises.

Milinkevich is assured that supporters of changes have united, have overcome fear and are ready to struggle for worthiness of Belarus and its people.