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In Tajikistan have passed joint Tadjik - the Russian doctrines

the Final stage joint Tadjik - Russian batalonnyh tactical doctrines W fighting shooting has passed on Wednesday on range Ljaur (30 kilometres to the south from Dushanbe).

As the correspondent of News informs, the president of republic Emomali Rahmonov and the head of defensive department of the country, the general observed of a course of doctrines - colonel Sherali Hajrullaev a supreme commander in chief armed forces of Tajikistan.

In maneuvers 201 - j the Russian military base 530 military men have taken part in Tajikistan and cadets of Military institute of the Minister of Defence of Republic Tajikistan (RT). The commander Russian 201 - j military base in Tajikistan colonel Alexey Zavizon ordered maneuvers. Motor-shooting, tank, artillery, helicopter divisions and divisions of assault aircraft have taken part In doctrines, which " Have reflected attack and have destroyed the conditional international terrorists who have intruded on territory of Tajikistan ". Two planes of the Sou - 25, on two helicopters Mi - 24 and Mi - 8 have been involved more than 100 units of the combat material.

As the first deputy minister of defence RT, the general - lieutenant Ramil Nadyrov has informed journalists, doctrines are spent this year for the first time, " their purpose - perfection of combat training of staff of cadets, working off of interaction of various combat arms, including W Russian ".

In its opinion, doctrines can be estimated " on Gud " Following the results of doctrines the caused most a stir military men have been awarded by reading and writing and have RCVed costly presents from president RT.

According to the deputy minister of defence RT, in May carrying out joint Tadjik - the Chinese military doctrines which will pass in a frontier zone is planned.