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agrarian and industrial complex Development should become a national priority of Russia, the opinion

is necessary for including agriculture Development in national priorities of Russia, is SPK in the resolution 10 - go the World Russian National Cathedral (VRNS) " ABT the earth, peasantry and food security of Russia ".

Participants of the cathedral which was passing in Moscow 4 - on April, 6th under the chairmanship of Patrha Alexy II, have expressed concern " degradation of village and a disastrous status of agriculture ".

" the Tenth World Russian National Cathedral supports the initiative of the government of Russia to include the program of development of agriculture in national priorities of our state. We are ready to bring the feasible contribution to the decision of this major problem " - participants of a cathedral have declared.

They have called 2 " To cardinal measures on a raising of prestige of country work, life transformation on village, to strengthening matelnoj bases of domestic agriculture, to training of experts - landowners ".

Participants of a cathedral are assured that subject support of countrymen in the decision of their essential problems, development of church economy, building in villages of apartment houses, schools, libraries, hospitals, kindergartens, shops, sports constructions will beneficently affect " on welfare and health of all Russian people ".

For last 15 years, it is noted in the resolution, from a map of the Russian Federation have disappeared ten thousand villages and villages, " istonchaetsja an occupation layer of rural intelligency " " almost all major branches of agriculture - from animal industries before traditional potato growing in Russia " vegetate in decline;.

negative influence of the high prices and tariffs for the vital resources 4 landowners Is noted 2. As a result, by words soborjan, " the country all gets to dependence on food deliveries from the outside " more strongly;.